How to play softball

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Official ASA Co-ed playing rules will be used except where changes are noted in these rules. I. The Playing Field 1A.

Umpire will designate a field suitable for play in accordance with the following provisions which equal the dimensions of a softball field. home: tournaments: bsc points: message board: bsc champions.

The Dixie Softball "MEGA" World Series in Alexandria, Louisiana, kicked off with the Players Banquet and Opening Ceremonies in the Rapides Parish Coliseum. This is the first time in Dixie Softball. Slowpitch softball is played by sets of rules dependent upon the particular league, level of play, and class of program.

As such, it would be an incredible feat to list every slowpitch rule; however, similarities exist across all levels of play.

Wanna Play Softball (WPS) is a non-profit organization devoted to instilling character and sportsmanship in children by using softball as the vehicle to reinforce these attributes.

Herioux signs to play softball at SVSU

Children involved in WPS are afforded the opportunity to strengthen their softball skills in all areas. Fastpitch Softball Training Camps & Clinics All information on the site is provided at no cost.

How to Play Catcher in Softball

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How to play softball
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Herioux signs to play softball at SVSU - ABC 10/CW 5