How to write a 14 figure grid reference practice

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A 4-figure grid reference contains 4 numbers. For example, you might be given the number For example, you might be given the number The first two numbers are called the easting, which is the number you would look for at the bottom of the map.

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A full grid reference is 14 numbers: made up of a 7 figure Easting (numbers along the bottom) and a 7 figure Northing (numbers up the side) 4. Method: 1 - The first two figures to write down are the first two numbers of the small blue reference written with E at the end of it.

I have a matrix in the type of a Numpy array. How would I write it to disk it as an image? Any format works (png, jpeg, bmp). One important constraint is that PIL is not present.

How to write a 14 figure grid reference practice
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