How to write a horror story ks3

19th-century literary traditions

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Story Tension Checklist

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English Teaching Resources

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Welcome to ZigZag English! Here you can browse, preview and order photocopiable teaching resources for English Literature, English Language, Lang & Lit and Creative Writing. Make sure you have everything you need to create tension in your story with this handy checklist!

19th-century literary traditions

Add points of your own too if you think of any more. This is a lesson introducing students to the idea of the narrative hook, in other words how to write a killer first line or so to 'hook' the reader in.

Packing a punch: how a writer’s use of language can create effects!

I put this lesson together for a year 9 scheme of work which referred to the AQA English Language marki.

How to write a horror story ks3
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