How to write a wwe storyline

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How to Become a WWE Writer

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10 Steps for Angles [Angle/Storyline Breakdown Analysis]

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– There’s a lot of speculation that WWE may drop the current storyline with Lana and Rusev after the civilian plane was shot down in East Ukraine last week and the ongoing controversies.

I had the nerve wracking pleasure of being interviewed (four times) and ultimately hired by Vince McMahon to be a creative writer for the SmackDown brand of the WWE. For those who are unfamiliar, the creative team at WWE is completely integrated into the production of television and pay-per-view events.

Although, the WWE will often cancel a storyline at the expense of fans, when something has gone on too long or gotten ridiculous, like the infamous Katie Vick angle for example.

WWE delivered their 34th annual WrestleMania event last night. With 14 matches to cram in, and plenty of potential show stealers on the card, could the show live up to its hype? Let’s break down. According to a new report by John Pollock of Post Wrestling, the injury angle which took place on WWE Raw this week was done to write Kevin Owens off TV as he legitimately needs surgery to repair.

How to write a wwe storyline
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